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 Specializing in Oracle Logistics, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Value Chain Execution (VCE) WMS & MSCA, Manufacturing, and Distribution Applications.  Have supply chain domain specific technical expertise and leadership to develop integration solutions spanning business processes, operating systems, applications and hardware platforms applying EAI patterns, with a thorough knowledge of system and application design.

Spanning multiple environments including On-premise/Hosted/Distributed/Virtual Machine/Cloud, legacy and mobile device integration, bar-coding, bridging and sometimes managing functional/technical teams to ensure success.  



Effective Communication Shop Floor to Top Floor  Bridging the gap that often exists between the C-Suite & Shop Floor, and effectively communicating goals is crucial to any successful project.  Identifying obstacles to success early on helps management address issues in a timely fashion to minimize impact to timelines and budgets.  Simple, fast, and effective, we use these management and communication skills to help get the best results. 

Extensions and Customizations


We have a thorough knowledge of Oracle Logistics and Manufacturing systems and application design with a demonstrated ability to solve complex technical problems in complex technical environments.   

This hands-on experience includes extending/customization of Oracle Logistics, Manufacturing & Mobile Applications by creating business process automation & bar coding solutions that reduces dwell time & increases velocity, productivity & accountability for extensive manufacturing & distribution customers, including some of the largest implementations in the world.