Oracle Supply Chain Management / Value Chain Execution

Oracle WMS & MSCA Subject Matter Experts

Oracle Logistics, Supply Chain Management,    Value Chain Execution (VCE), WMS & MSCA

About Us

Our Experience


With 21+ years Industry leading experience in Oracle Logistics & Supply Chain Management/Value Chain Execution, Warehouse Management, Inventory, Mobile Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Distribution as subject matter experts for more than 100 large, complex multi-national clients:  experience in E Business Suite (EBS) releases 10.7 thru R12.2.8+, Cloud & Mobile Computer (scanner) integration with WMS & MSCA, MSCA GUI client (Oracle + Intellinum), 

bar code labeling/RFID (Loftware/BarTender). 


  • Architect, configure, test, impliment
  •  WMS, Yard & Inventory management
  • MSCA-Mobile Computing & Scanners
  • Manufacturing - Process, Discrete, etc.
  • SCM/Value Chain Execution, SME
  • Development team management 
  • Project Management-Agile/UOM/AIM
  • Complex system & legacy integration

Our Approach


  This hands-on techno-functional experience includes extending/customization of Oracle Manufacturing & Logistics Applications by creating bar coding solutions enabling business process automation that increases velocity, productivity & accountability for extensive manufacturing & distribution customers. 


We use excellent communication skills, easy to understand flow charts and visual aids, intuitive trouble shooting abilities, great technical depth, and simplified tools to keep management informed.  

With dynamic team building experience, strong understanding of the various software solutions with state-of-the-art experience, spanning multiple companies/projects/lines of business to 

help you achieve your goals and lead 

successful implementations. 

Why Us?


What we've learned and have:  Experience.  Means.  Results.  Frequently brought in after previous resources fall short of reaching desired objectives, we have the knowledge and skills to rapidly correct projects getting teams back on track. 

We've seen many poor implementations of great products, can advise on best of breed for various solutions, design and implement R.I.C.E when needed as well as work seamlessly within your environment to bridge gaps from shop floor to top floor within technical and functional teams to get effective results.  Call us today.

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex, it takes a touch of genius… and a lot of courage… to move in the opposite direction" 

Albert Einstein