We offer Oracle e-Business Suite consulting, with Logistics and Value Chain Execution in Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) consulting expertise, gained from years of practical experience as former consultants with Oracle Consulting Services (OCS) and Take/Clear Orbit (formerly BPA Systems), on-site at more than 100 implementations of manufacturing & distribution customers, working closely with the Oracle WMS Development Team, and extending the Apps/Mobile Apps MWA with customizations, from versions 10.7 thru current release R12.2.4+.  Before the Oracle WMS 1.0 product was released, our team worked with Beta site implementations, assisting Oracle WMS Development in the finalize testing, debugging, and training of many other consultants within OCS, early adopters,  & the other major consulting firms. 

What makes us different?  We don't confuse efforts with results!  As clear leaders in the Oracle WMS consulting field, we have more experience than any other WMS consultants, having helped create this market and software, getting information executed in real time.  Implementations from the largest ($280+ Million) to the smallest ($2 Million), we've probably seen and done it , know how to do it successfully, and, more importantly, how NOT to do it, as we have come in to clean up after many poor implementations as well.  We can supplement your staff, train them & implement your project while minimizing risk of go-live dates slipping, and have performed many health checks during various stages of multiple implementations as well.  With this knowledge we've developed some simple but effective project management tools that help us keep projects on track, and management informed.  

Are you Experienced?  If the rest of your implementation team doesn't have WMS experience, they won't know what set-ups need to change when you turn on the WMS environment, how many modules it touches.  One example would be Order Management, pick release changes drastically as well as shipping and EDI.  It's frustrating (and expensive) to watch people throw 16 + weeks of work out the window & start over because they setup & coded OM customizations without WMS knowledge!  What's your monthly consultant burn rate?  How much will it cost you to push your go-live date by 4 months?  We have seen many poor implementations of a great product, don't let yours be one of them!

Assumptions can cost big!  Many customers wait until the last minute to work on labels, assuming they are "just like" reports so they can use their current software, or something that magically happens, not so!  The XML tag is a different format than reports, and depending on which of the Oracle WMS certified 3rd party label software vendors or the new Zebra hardware bar code printers you choose, this can be very easy or very hard (read expensive) and the various limitations of each choice.  Remember, if you can't put labels on your outgoing product, you don't ship or invoice!

We have extensive experience! More than 16 years in advanced logistics Supply Chain Management and Value Chain Execution including training Oracle WMS label printing vendors personell at leading label vendors Loftware and BarTender, training Oracle and outside Tier 1 consultants in  management level functional training as well as technical training in WMS and MSCA, Hi-tech silicon wafer manufacturing, Automotive and Tier 1 suppliers, Life Sciences, Lean Manufacturing, Distribution including Wal-Mart tier 1 Suppliers w/GTIN,  RF-ID & EDI, International multi-org, Oracle hosted and CLOUD, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Retail,  Six Sigma, customer compliance labeling and the rules engine, Remote and on-site, Mobile Apps MWA server, bar code scanner and printer configuration, RF-ID's, AIM/Flow methodology and more, we have likely already done many successful implementations in your industry vertical, contact us for more info!

mark@capitanoconsulting.com  (586) 776.8383 Office   (586) 261.5150 Fax

Did you know?  Mobile computers (scanners) using GUI clients for the Mobile Apps Telnet sessions has always been an issue since Microsoft does not include a JVM in the stripped down OS, creating challanges for implimentors to get the Oracle GUI client operating successfully.  There are new GUI and MWA solutions that do not require the JVM, are native to Windows, Android, and Apple IOS that are faster, and have added advantages like customizing the Mobile Pages in minutes instead of days.  We recently used this these new products to eliminate 680 man hours of custom Java and SQL coding to change 15 mobile pages, and had all customizations completed, tested and in UAT in the same day!  An example would be the standard vanilla Oracle P.O. Receipt flow, requiring 10 seperate touches and data entry points, these were reduced to 3 touch points automating keystrokes and data entry for the other 7, reducing the total dwell operation time from 27 seconds to 6 seconds!  The client was happy with cost reduction, but especially liked the postive impact to the timeline, and simplicity of making real time online changes in seconds instead of days to view and test the results!

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